Tires are for rolling, not flopping about.

This spring we came back from Florida and were about to enter Nashville during the 5pm rush-hour.  But then, traveling at highway speed our Airstream’s left tire exploded and I saw our nice DWR hub-cap zoom by us into the median and was never to be found.  Meanwhile gently slowing down and heading towards the […]

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It Can Rain Again!

Over the years it rained while camping and sometimes the water came in through an open window, but I never knew how until I watched a windless downpour this spring while camping in eastern Minnesota. When there is wind any slightly open window can allow water into the cabin. But if the rain comes straight form above (where […]

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2009 DWR Airstream Video Walkthrough

Airstream International DWR 16′ Bambi Travel Trailer RV – Christopher Deam. It is the music selection that is quite unique.  But you get to see many features and some good views of this tiny limited edition trailer.  Enjoy!

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Ride It and Fold It – Dahon Jack

Putting bikes on the roof of your car is like dragging an anchor with weeds attached to deep mucky water. Your milage gets hit, you have to scream to communicate to your co-pilot in order to rise above the howling noise-floor, you are always at risk of loosing parts while forcing 70mph winds through those […]

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Staying Connected – for better or for worse

Since we love to travel but still need to be connected to our clients for our Macintosh computer consulting / web design business while being on the road I needed to find a solution for having solid cell data and voice network connections while traveling.  There are many choices out there but after thinking it […]

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Clean water made easy

I used to have a PUR water filter mounted on the faucet but it made doing dishes very tight and awkward and eventually it started leaking and didn’t produce water very quickly especially when getting water from the pump.  So I investigated for a long time and then came up with a simple idea. The […]

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Upgrading the Stereo Head Unit on the DWR Airstream – again

Two years ago I upgraded our DWR Airstream with a much better car stereo head unit, see the post on the Sony CDXGT930UI. But technology always creeps forward and makes things more compact and consolidates equipment, reducing cables and extra power consumption. So I bought the new Sony DSXS310BTX.  It was a snap to swap the head […]

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Rain-proof roof vent

Finally,  after years of suffering through the original roof vent that had a mind of it’s own when the morning dew fell on the rain sensor, closing the roof vent, then opening it, then closing, then opening, etc., I decided enough was enough and got the MaxxFan 7500K. My brother Mark and I installed it.  It […]

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Apple PowerMac G5 enclosure - hitch locker - closed

Gutted Apple PowerMac G5 becomes great hitch storage locker

A month ago I decided to gut an Apple PowerMac G5 that was long broken. Since my profession is being an Apple Macintosh Computer Consultant, I often have dead or old Macs hanging around. Any of the Macintosh towers post 2004 will look like this so even a MacPro will work. They are all aluminum […]

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Cookin’ Rice in the Northwoods

We love camping on Madeline Island in Wisconsin.  And now with our trusty rice cooker we are set to attract all the bears in the forest. I like using a rice cooker since it gives me space on our two-burner stove when cooking.  I set the time when the rice should be done, letting me […]

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